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Senatewebs is a web hosting, domain name management and web development business located in Victoria, Australia. We have been operating since 2018. During our tenure we have grown into a profitable, scalable and automated web hosting provider.

Senatewebs was originally formed with the idea of making website creation easy for small every day business owners by providing web development services at a affordable cost but then evolved into a web hosting, domain name management and web development provider as it makes sense to have everything in one place.

We are different from our competitors as we value all of our clients. If our clients websites succeed we also succeed so don't be surprised if you open a ticket and we understand your website better than you do we like to be prepared to assist our clients with any needs and requirements they may have.

So why don't you be apart of our story and give us a go today.

Reasons to choose Senatewebs

  • Web hosting that's a bit different

    Unfortunately we’re in an industry that is highly saturated – full of inexperienced, oversold or unethical businesses. Senatewebs is different. We focus on performance, customer support and the retention of our clientele. We don’t have big marketing or advertising budgets; instead we re-invest in our network and ensure we always have the team to provide exceptional support. Word of mouth is how we’ve grown and we’re committed to providing a continued personal yet professional web hosting service.

  • Prompt, personal 24x7 support

    It’s not uncommon for our team to know about you and your website. By having a low customer to staff ratio, we can understand your needs and provide personal support with five-star ratings over and over again. Don’t be shocked if we remember how to support your website from a support ticket you submitted a year ago – you’re not a number to us.